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Fixeeze drill marking discs

Fixeeze drill marking discs are adhesive guides that transfer drilling points from the object to the wall, allowing you to hang items quicker and more accurately, without the need for measuring or templates.

Just place the Fixeeze discs over the holes in the item you wish to hang, press it against the wall and remove, leaving the Fixeeze discs in the exact place on the wall as accurate guides to drill through.

Fixeeze Drill Marking Guides
How to hang a picture Fixeeze
How to drill holes correctly with Fixeeze

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…Fixeeze is great for:

Objects with hidden fixings

Objects to be hung at a heights

Objects too big to hold and mark

Awkwardly shaped objects

How to use Fixeeze


Remove discs

Push the Fixeeze discs out of the sheet by pressing from the side with the white peel.

Fixeeze step 2

Place on the object

Place the Fixeeze discs on the back of the object to be hung, leaving the coloured peel visible.

Fixeeze step 3

Press against the wall

Remove the coloured peels and align the object in the correct position without touching the wall. Once happy, press the object firmly against the wall.

Fixeeze step 4

Pull object away

Carefully pull the object away from the wall, leaving the discs on the wall as drill marking guides.

Fixeeze step 5

Drill your holes

Drill through the holes in the centre of the Fixeeze discs.

Fixeeze step 6

Drive in screws

Insert wall plugs and drive in the screws with the Fixeeze discs still on the wall. Level the screws with the edge of the Fixeeze discs to keep both screws the same distance from the wall.

Fixeeze step 7

Remove discs

Locate the tear in the Fixeeze discs and peel them away from the wall, exposing the screw heads.

Fixeeze step 8

Hang object

Hang your object on the wall. Job done!

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Fixeeze No More Measuring Hang Things On A Wall
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