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Frequently asked questions

We hope Fixeeze is pretty straight forward to use, but just in case we’ve put a few questions and answers together. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, then feel free to contact us using the form below and we will try our best to answer any questions you may have.


How does Fixeeze work?

Fixeeze works by placing the discs on the object and then pressing the whole object against the wall. When you pull the object away form the wall, the discs are left accurately in place and you can drill through the hole in the middle.

Does it matter what side of the Fixeeze disc I use?

Yes it does. Always leave the yellow peel side visible when attaching them to the object you wish to hang. The yellow peel side is the side that needs to attach itself to the wall. Fixeeze will not work if the yellow peel side is not used on the wall. (Please note you need to remove the yellow peel before pressing against the wall).

Where do I place the discs for keyhole fixings?

With keyhole fixings, it is important to place the hole in the fixeeze disc inline with the top of the keyhole – the thinner part of the hole on the object, as this is where the object sits on the screw once hung on the wall. If you do not do this, the location on te wall will be wrong and may not be accurate enough to work.

Does Fixeeze work on outside walls?

Fixeeze will work on exterior walls, however adhesive requires a clean and relatively flat surface in order to stick to. If the surface is too rough, dusty or wet, Fixeeze is likely to lose performance.

Are there any surfaces Fixeeze doesn't work on?

Fixeeze works on most surfaces, including tiles. Fixeeze wont work on surfaces that are rough like pebble dashing, highly varnished like a French cabinet or wet. Please ensure surfaces are dry and dust free.

What if the hole on the object is too deep?

Fixeeze are stackable for deeper set holes, so if the hidden fixing or hole on your object is set deeper than the depth of one disc, then you can attach two together (stack one on top of the other) and it will work perfectly. Remember, that each disc needs to be stacked the right way, with the yellow peel side visible at all times. This means when stacking too discs, you put the new disc on the yellow peel (wall side) of the first disc and leave the yellow peel (wall side) visible on the second disc.

Can I use Fixeeze to stick items to the wall?

Fixeeze CANNOT be used to stick items to any surface. They are a marking device, designed to be used to locate drilling points or markers for screws and nails and so will not hold any weight. Under no circumstances should you use Fixeeze to stick or fix anything directly.

Where can I buy Fixeeze?

Fixeeze is available at major hardware stores, independents and online. For details of stockists please see our home page – www.fixeeze.co.uk.

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